Ambrosia Organic Farm Announces Significant Partnership With TATA Organic


Goa [India]: Ambrosia Organic Farm (AOF), a leading organic company of India, has announced a prestigious collaboration with TATA Organic, a reputed leader in the Indian organic food industry. Both the companies have joined hands in this significant partnership so that they can bring the best premium organic products to the Indian consumers.

This collaboration marks TATA Organic’s entry into the premium organic food market in India, allowing the two brands to join hands to revolutionize the way Indian consumers look at this sector. TATA Organic brings its organisational heft to the partnership while Ambrosia, India’s first organic company, joins in with its wealth of experience and expertise. The collaboration would draw the foundation for a successful and sustainable venture in the organic food industry.

The collaboration also succeeds another milestone achievement of AOF. The company recently overhauled its packaging after a period of three decades. The decision was taken in order to captivate the connoisseurs of organic food in India through aesthetic appeal. The quality and authenticity of its products, however, remains uncompromised. The revamp in its packaging resulted in a staggering 20% increase in sales for the company. Customers have reacted favourably to the fresh and contemporary packaging, helping AOF consolidate its position as the best organic brand in the country.

The partnership between AOF and TATA Organic will help both companies create a dominant position for themselves in the premium food market. Both brands have pledged to sustain ethical farming practices and practice sustainable agricultural methods in order to provide a wide range of high-quality organic produce to their customers.

Ambrosia has long been an advocate of organic farming in India and its position as a dedicated and tireless player in the organic industry remains unchallenged as AOF continues to be the go-to choice for the discerning consumers seeking premium, sustainably-produced organic products.


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