All India Institute of Integrated Technical Studies (AIIIT) Director Piyali Sikder, awarded with Maharashtra Ratna Award 2023

All India Institute of Integrated Technical Studies (AIIIT) Director Piyali Sikder awarded with Maharashtra Ratna Award 2023

Piyali Sikder, the director of All India Institute of Integrated Technical Studies (AIIITS) was honoured with Maharashtra Ratna Puraskar 2023 on 29th of January as a reward for her excellent deeds. She expresses her gratitude towards the organizer for recognizing her small but significant contribution towards Maharashtra and considering her for this award and also extended her thanks to all the team members of AIIITS who are relentlessly working towards the goal of providing Skills to young graduates and making them ready for jobs.

Her professional side at a glance

Unemployment has been an everlasting challenge with our fresh graduates lacking in technical Skills in their own domain, they either leave their core subjects and settle down with compromised careers with lack of Job security and career growth. To address these issues Piyali Sikder started the organization in 2012 with an aim to provide skill-based training in information technology to young graduates and aspiring professionals and making them ready for employment. Ever since, the company has guided 10000 students and professionals and provided job opportunities to more than 5000 of them.

AIIITS offers the most advanced skills required by our IT companies like Cloud Computing, Data Science, Software Development, Software Testing, Cyber Security. After completing 10 years in IT skill development, AIIITS is launching skill development for Pharma and other industries, having demand for Skilled manpower.

What’s inspiring is that, when the country was cursed with lockdown, she and her company have helped the nearby colleges with free training and sharing enticing job opportunities. Reaching more students to have the mission accomplished had been difficult. Salute to her great determination and approach that she made it possible to train these many students with a suitable methodology for today’s tech-driven world.

There’s no wonder why her Nobel deeds must be awarded.

Her Vision

Piyali Sikder’s approach to work is something every youth can draw inspiration from. Her passion towards commitment and mentoring deserves a mention and no surprises why she dislikes unprofessionalism. Born and Brought up in Kolkata, she had been through her share of struggle before building what she has built today.

Skill is important everywhere, be it sports, politics, education, or in any other industry

In this current scenario when our country is poised to transit from developing to developed nation, Skill only can fasten this transition. Her belief that skilled professionals can help our nation become one of the best among the developed nations and reach extreme heights.

She has supreme favour for skill-based learning and wants to set up a Skill-based university that would benefit thousands of aspirants spread across.



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