Academician, Director of Centre for Narendra Modi Studies (CNMS), Founder Chairperson of Divey Foundation making a significant difference in the society


Dr. Divya Tanwar,

Professor of Somaiya Vidhyavihar University Mumbai,

Chairperson at Divey Foundation, Delhi,

Board of Directors of Centre for NAMO studies (CNMS) New Delhi,

She is a multi-tasker who aims to make the society a better place to live in and contribute to the health and happiness of the underprivileged section.

She started Divey Foundation where the main focus is on education and skill development for impoverished children and women. By providing them with the necessary knowledge and training, the foundation is empowering them to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

The main emphasis is on applying academic knowledge for innovation and sustenance shows a practical approach to education, equipping individuals with skills that are directly relevant to their circumstances. This approach can help break the cycle of poverty and enable these individuals to become self-sufficient.

The inclusion of women from vulnerable and marginalized communities in your skills development programs is particularly important. Women often face additional barriers to education and economic opportunities, so providing them with specialized training can help address these challenges and promote gender equality.

Additionally, attention is given on moral education and the development of social values is essential for creating a positive social change. It’s not just about providing technical skills but also instilling ethical principles and fostering a sense of social responsibility among the trainees and artisans. Her foundation being passionate about animals and their rights deserves a special mention.

Overall, the Divey Foundation’s holistic approach to education, skill development, and social empowerment has the potential to significantly improve the lives of poor women and children. By equipping them with knowledge, skills, and values, you are enabling them to stand on their own feet and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Dr. Divya Tanwar believes in the upliftment of underprivileged people that will help in the upgradation of the entire society, Further she narrates how important it is for everyone to be empathetic towards needy group. Her multi-tasking personality and sensitive attitude is inspiring the younger generation to take the road of morality and building leaders for the upcoming generation.

Besides a social worker, she’s a professor and believes a mentor’s influence has a lasting effect on students personal and professional growth. It’s important to discover their untapped abilities. She encourages kids to pursue their hobbies and demonstrate their skills by providing a supportive and accepting environment.

“As an educator, my main duty involves nurturing the intellectual development of my students. My goal is to stimulate their inquisitiveness, motivate them to inquire, examine various viewpoints, and cultivate their capacity for critical analysis. Through the establishment of an interactive and captivating educational setting, my aim is to instill a lasting passion for knowledge and equip students with the ability to think independently.”- Dr. Divya Tanwar added.

She accepts the role of a mentor and observer enthusiastically as she agrees with the Prime Minister’s goal. She believes that teachers should provide direction and mentorship to their pupils, instilling principles, encouraging leadership traits, and spotting and developing their hidden abilities. Using this comprehensive strategy, she intends to mould the lives of their students and significantly contribute to the creation of future leaders who will have a positive influence on society.


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