5 Reasons Why Megha Bhatia’s Book has come at the right time

5 Reasons Why Megha Bhatia’s Book has come at the right time
Megha Bhatia

Megha Bhatia is a passionate storyteller born and brought up in Mumbai who was born to witness beautiful stories and weave them through her camera lens, showcasing her love for essaying stories through her films. She is the leader of a youthful, vibrant group of imaginative thinkers who specialize in telling lifelong stories which are reminisced and revisited often. Over 600 weddings have been covered by her all over the world. She was a famous child star when she fell in love with the camera and took the steps to build her career as a Wedding Filmmaker when the camera made a comeback in her life, this time she decided she wanted to be the one behind the lens. Megha entered a field dominated by men when she was only 22 years old. She has become well-known and one of the greatest wedding photographers in the industry almost ten years later. She has won a number of accolades, and her passion for photography never ceases to surprise. 

She has been holding the strings as Director at Israni Photography & Films for over 10 years now, which along with her brother Luv Israni, she started back in 2011 and is expanded & diversified into Event Photography & Content Creation for Brands under the name of Israni Visuals. Aside from driving Israni Photography, she is also a co-founder of Mumbai’s first experiential networking club called ‘The Clique Club’. 

She has been a part of the wedding culture for a very long time and, at the early age of 32, has managed to transform her passion into a niche.

People frequently lose sight of the meaning of the Wedding and focus more on maintaining their social position as a result of getting caught up in the pomp and show of “But what will the people say.” Megha believes that there is far more that makes up a marriage than a wedding. This book is a humble attempt to emphasize about the energy and creativity required to plan and execute a lavish Indian wedding. She continued to be guided by her desire to repay and better the society she lives in. This book’s release is intended to highlight the issues, requirements, and wishes of the brides and their families, to throw some light on the different aspects of weddings, and talk about her take on Marriage in today’s day and age, where it is all about the Millennial brides.  

She is set on a journey to bring out what lies behind the secretive curtains of the Wedding Industry. This book offers readers a glimpse of the events that lead up to these marriages and aims to rouse the fact that outwardly appearances are often deceiving.

Over the years, the narrative and place of Weddings in society have changed and evolved considerably. Megha Bhatia’s new publication is here to take you beyond the shimmering curtains with her first-hand experiences in the world of nuptial glam, which will show you what one can find behind the bright lights and lush venues. Here are five reasons why The Jitters Behind The Glitters is going to take you on a journey through the ins and outs, past – present, and all the in-betweens of the big fat Indian Wedding.

1. India’s Happiness Industry

In India, no occasion is as awaited as a Wedding. From girls dreaming about a gorgeous red lehenga to every parent eagerly anticipating the event, any mention of the Big Day will rush every Indian with adrenaline and give them a quick dose of the happy hormone. This is why it’s more than fair to equate India’s Wedding Industry as also our Happiness Industry. Countless individuals will quote their Wedding Day as the happiest and most memorable day of their life.

2. It’s never just a Wedding

For us, a wedding goes way beyond the blessed union of a couple and mouth-watering platters. A wedding is the most prominent and ostentatious social event in one’s life, community, and society overall. A Wedding is often the biggest get-together or celebration there is. It becomes the talk of the town, whether that be the fabulous decor, the delicious food served, or the fashion choices of those attending. And of course, there’s no atmosphere more generative for a room full of hopeful singles. Nothing says ‘Love is in the air,’ more than a Wedding. *wink*

3. “But is it instagrammable?”

From the couple choosing an official wedding hashtag to eager guests hunting for exquisite story opportunities, when we said ‘talk of the town’ you can’t forget the extravagant captions and alluring shares. Social Media has elevated the game and only made Weddings a more spellbinding experience for the guests. The occasion stretches from the mandap to the viewers online, encrusted into the web forever, waiting to be revisited and admired endlessly. A venue that has grand aesthetics and themes gives the guests a heady smorgasbord of the event’s most Instagram-worthy moments.

#Aftershesaidyes! #SinghSquared! #OnceuponaTandon!

4. Telling a Story

Be it MUAs with the bridal makeup, sound guys with the groovy music, caterers with the finger-licking food, or photographers to capture every meaningful moment, the list goes on – Weddings fuel the economy and generate millions of jobs and thousands of opportunities for creative entrepreneur’s day in and day out.  Every single one of them turns to social media for their share of inspiration and incorporates their ingenuity into their work. Industry events like WeddingSutra Engage and we are positive and confident that many of these hungry eyes would love to witness and hear about the journey of one of the Industry’s most successful entrepreneurs- Megha Bhatia.

5. Finding beauty in the chaos

The Wedding industry is highly scattered and disorganized and may continue to be one, being valued at around $50 Billion and growing. After all, a wedding planner’s strength lies in managing the ‘chaos’, breaking through the barriers of limitation, being the middle man, and making sure everything gets done at the right place, at the right time, by the right guy for the right people and give every couple their dream wedding. Where you find chaos, you will also find more need for inspiration, information, inventiveness, and ideas – you’re a lucky one because this book has got it all!

And that was all about why you need to get your hands on a copy of The Jitters Behind The Glitters by Megha Bhatia!

Amazon Link for the book: https://www.amazon.in/dp/9355651465


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