1008 Jain Businessmen, professionals, women, women entrepreneurs lived a life of a Jain monk for a day to experience Monks life 

1008 Jain Businessmen professionals women women entrepreneurs lived a life of a Jain monk for a day to experience Monks life 
Seen Jain Businessmen, professionals & Students who took a break from their mechanical life and spent one day Jain Monk's life

500 women and 508 men took part, including Mr Joseph, a Christian teacher who preaches non-violence through paintings

Hyderabad, September 27, 2021: Hyderabad and Secunderabad’s 1008 Jain Businessman, professionals, homemakers and women entrepreneurs, 508 men and 500 women lived a life of a Jain monk for a day on Sunday to experience Monks life at Jayagardens at Somajiguda from morning to evening. Mr Joseph, a Christian teacher who preaches non-violence through his paintings also participated. 

Several Jains from Jewellery, Diamond, Auto Finance, Money Lending business, Real Estate, Corporate world participated. 

Speaking on the occasion Mr Ashok Kothari, a banker, Chairman of Mahavir Cooperative Urban Bank Ltd and Mahavir Infoways Ltd, an IT company said renouncing all material comforts for a day makes you realize the importance of life and peaceful living. Mr R. Uttamchand Balgat from the Jewellery business said it is a spiritual awakening program and he was thoroughly at peace doing it. Cloth Merchant Nemichand Kawad said it was like a spiritual retreat for him. He realized how difficult the life of Monks and saints was. Suresh Kumar who is into imitation jewellery said it makes great sense to become a monk once in a while as an escape from the mechanical life.  

The program was organised under the aegis of Shri Vardhman Stanakvasi Jain Shravak Sangh Ameerpet. It was the first time both men and women became monks. An event like this was also organized twice at Kachiguda and Bollaram.  

It was organized under the name ‘Samuhik Bhikshu Daya’, the Novel Spiritual Awakening Programme. The program was open to all other religions, but only one Mr Joseph from Christianity participated. He doesn’t want people to be divided into religious lines.  

The unique program was organized for a spiritual awakening as well as to end the current corona pandemic.  

Giving details, Sangh President Rikabchand Pipada; Chairman Gautham Chand Bafna; President Ashok Kumar Nahar; Vice President Ashok Kumar Tated, Secretary Anil Tated, Treasurer Anil Kavadia said the program has been taken up by them to invoke Spiritual Awakening as well as to end Global Pandemic. Sri Anandraj Challani, President All India Jain Conference (Shraman Sangh) will be the Chief Guest.

Away from the comforts of their modern lives, the participants dressed up in the robes of a monk, wearing a cloth over the mouth/mask, holding punji and spent the day in prayers and even went for ‘Bhiksha’ door-to-door, to Jain families to collect food! They drank boiled water. They didn’t wear footwear. Some even went on fasting. They ate food after sunset and followed ‘Bhrahmacharya’ for the day.


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