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Cashurdrive Reviews – EaseMyTrip 360° in-flight branding is spearheaded by CASHurDRIVE.

Cashurdrive Reviews - EaseMyTrip 360° in-flight branding is spearheaded by CASHurDRIVE.

EaseMyTrip 360° in-flight branding is spearheaded by CASHurDRIVE.

Flighting is a kind of ad scheduling that alternates between a regular advertising schedule and a complete shutdown of all campaigns. The phrase “flighting” describes the period during which advertisements are shown, while “hiatus” describes the period during which they are no longer broadcast. A company might use a flighting media strategy to save money on advertising while still relying on the effectiveness of prior ads to drive sales. If sales drop or additional funds become available, the company will resume traditional advertising.

Advertising targeted at potential clients while onboard a plane is known as in-flight advertising. Commercials during in-flight entertainment programs, advertisements in in-flight publications or on Boarding Passes, advertisements on seatback tray tables and overhead storage bins, and sales pitches from flight attendants are all examples. Advertisements for local restaurants, hotels, businesses, and shopping can be tailored to the traveler’s itinerary or to the destinations of various airlines.

Inflight advertising began as a way for airlines to generate extra cash and pay for inflight content in onboard magazines. Inflight advertising is projected to rise in the future since airlines spend a lot of money on content and connection and recoup their costs through media sales.

Virgin America featured the first-ever cannabis-related advertising on its video display network during in-flight entertainment breaks in 2017.

Here are some of the most important advantages that in-flight advertising may provide for your campaign.

SpiceJet airlines.

SpiceJet is an Indian low-cost airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana. It is the country’s second-largest airline by the number of domestic passengers transported, with a market share of 13.6 percent as of March 2019. The airline travels to 64 destinations daily from its hubs in Delhi and Hyderabad, including 54 in India and 15 abroad.

ModiLuft, an air taxi service, was launched in 1994, but it was purchased by Indian entrepreneur Ajay Singh in 2004 and renamed SpiceJet. The airline made its first flight in May 2005. Kalanidhi Maran, an Indian media billionaire, bought a majority stake in SpiceJet through Sun Group in June 2010, which he eventually sold to Ajay Singh in January 2015. Boeing 737 and Bombardier Dash 8 planes make up the airline’s fleet.


“The notion of collaborating with CASHurDRIVE is that we fit in with the medium; we are not a traditional OOH firm,” he continues. As a result, whenever a client comes to us, we provide a custom-tailored, boutique solution.” The campaign’s duration, inventory, and other aspects may be extended based on the reaction.


Potential clients are targeted with in-flight advertising while onboard a plane. Branding on seat headrests and boarding cards, as well as announcements made on the plane and on the tarmac, are all part of it. The 6-month CASHurDRIVE promotion covers all SpiceJet flights in all metros.

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